{140801} realbaekho Instagram Update

#어제 #뜨겁개핫도그 #셀카

{140801} realbaekho Instagram Update

#어제 #뜨겁개핫도그 #셀카

JR bumped into Minhyun while throwing hearts

goodbye, ara and yoonjo! we’ll always love you and you’ll both be very missed. thank you for 2 great years.

the sweetest oh hyerin at fansigns 

#lizzyday ♡ happy birthday, princess lizzy! ♡

As ot6 !! thank you for the past 2 years thank you for working hard and making good music for us hello cupids, thank you for everything. Even though hello venus won’t be the same we will always support you girls (ot6)  no matter what. please continue to achieve your dreams and please always be happy. 

♡ ot6

what happened??


pledis and fantagio terminated hello venus project (??) wow i never knew they were a project ok i just :// so basically ara and yoonjo are going back to pledis and left hello venus and alice, yooyoung, nara and lime are going back to fantagio and are still in hello venus and will promote as hello venus 

so now hello venus is just alice, yooyoung, nara and lime :-((

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